Saturday, March 31, 2007


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From my experience with the pizza business every part of the pizza is important.... what kind of cheese, sauce, seasonings....etc. but probably the most important part is the crust, which is probably where most of the problems of homemade pizza lie. Pizza places make their own crust and in huge portions.... probably enough to make 100 pizzas or more. homemade pizza crust if even made from scratch usually is only enough for one or two. I'm not sure if this would cause a difference in taste but it may.

that's the best i could come up with.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Is it possible, given the materials and equipment available to each, for a homemade pizza to surpass the quality of a pizza from a pizzeria? Lordy knows a homemade BBQ burger is 10x better than a limp McDonalds pigrectum sandwich, so why is a homemade pizza that much harder to perfect? Russoniello pizza comes close, though I think I've only had it once. If memory serves me, it was also very doughy, which I love.


A New Beginning

So we have our own blog now. Terriffic. It'll be a rough journey out here on cyberspace, but as long as we have our d, I think we'll be OK. It will protect us from ! who live on " . It'll even be more adventurous than that time we took a t, j, v , and a o all on the same day. Even though we hit that guy on a b, and the p came, and he was taken away in a h. But we got away with it cause we told the p that he got hit by a freak ~. Oh! And then we entered that , eating contest. We won a&...but I wanted the damn %. So remember, z and # and we'll be alright. We'll live another day so that we can put our balls in thewand wear our $ at night. The End.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hi. This is the Thunderblog. We are a collective think tank of engineers, teachers, artists, scientists, and ....Greg. Our hobbies include dancing, eating fried foods, and emotionally abusing one another. We are kind like a big gay family with 2 daddies, only less gay(?) and more daddies. Our home base is Trenton, New Jersey, aka the "town that used to make stuff."