Monday, April 30, 2007

<3 cops <3

Joe Cap (Autoreply)
5:18 PM

1998- a bunch of losers shoot up columbine high school; cops aren't there in time to stop 13 murders

2006- john fiocco gets thrown in a dumpster; the cops are stumped

2007- Chiang-kai shek blows away 30 college kids in Virginia; the cops don't get there in time to stop it


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Your Vacation is Our Life

Beach kids feel no pain, and if they do, a case of Corona can always cure that. They move with the tide and have no worries. Beach kids at the Jersey Shore have always known that life is just one big party at their hands." -Asbury Park Press

..::*~JShore 07~*::..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weng Weng

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Damn Super Drunk!

I don't know if you kiddies know about a little game called Bubble Bobble. Well it was a fine game that was introduced on the NES platform. As many games of this era the concept was fairly simple and yet very addicting. Well after 100 very simple levels you reach a boss. This is my reason for posting. I would just like to state that I think this is one of the hardest boss fights in the known gaming world! Some of you may have witnessed me trying to take on this colossal opponent in ITS, and fail repeatedly. I think the hardest part of this fight is that you can get hit twice during the fight and if you do you have to jump to get more lightning. While this is the case for you he requires 60 hits!! What the hell. Well I suppose that is the gist of it, thanks for listening.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Count to 25 in Afrikaans!

1 = een
2 = twee
3 = hate
4 = vier
5 = vyf
6 = oppress
7 = blacks
8 = agt
9 = nazis
10 = tien

* 11 = elf
* 12 = apartheid
* 13 = dertien
* 14 = titties
* 15 = vyftien
* 16 = sestien
* 17 = sewentien
* 18 = racism
* 19 = ne├źntien

20 = twintig

* 25 = vyf-en-twintig

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Captain Jack ventures into Pete's room:

Scary Ass Landlord!

Death in the Thunderdome Community

I have the misfortune of reporting to you that two of our Thunderdome community have left us. My mice Flo-Jo and George died yesterday. Cause of death was probably diarrhea brought on by too many fresh greens. Ironically, Jangles, the one named for the mouse in the Green Mile who died and then had life blown back into him, looked to be headed the way of our two fallen comrades, but resurged and looks like she'll make it. It's like there was my very own enormous black man in my room who blew life black into Jangles.

The funeral took place behind the VFW. There was marsh grass, an open field, geese, and a groundhog -- it was very beautiful. May Michael Clarke Duncan look over them...behind the VFW...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


thunderfights, vol. 2 and 3

Star Trekkin'

In season 2 of TOS, Spock gives up abject happiness in order to live up to his Vulcan heritage. He spends the rest of his life pretty miserable, but keeps his logic intact and is pretty awesome. McCoy does just about the same thing in season 3. He gives up a bangin' high priestess and life on a beautiful lush planet because he has a duty to the crew. Now my question is, should happiness be the only thing we look for in life? Or is limiting ourselves to abject happiness missing out on a lot of other good stuff? Which is a better philosophy: the Vulcan or the Hedonist?

Welcome to the Thunderdome, bitch

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I call for more Endertoons

this blog is begining to lack in the Endertoons department

oh God! what is that?

Charlie -oh God! what is that?
Unicorn #1- It's a magical neoplauradon... it's going to tell us the way to candy mountain.
Charlie- uhh you guys know there actually isn't a candy mountain right?
Unicorn #1- Shun the non-believer...
unicorn #2- shunnnnnnnnn
Unicorn #1- shunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna
charlie- right.
magical neoplauradon- mehmehrahmeh
Unicorn #2- it has spoken
Unicorn #1- it has told us the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pro-crass, tin nation

I'ma make a list like Joe and Billy do:

Things that are Lame-o:

1. Too much of good things.
I bought a butt load of pork roll at Shop-rite because it was on sale, and for the second day in a row I had a PEC for breakfast. Yesterday's was good, but today's was mediocre, despite equal sammich making care. Why? Probably because I have post-nasal drip. Too much of a good thing gives you post nasal drip.

2. Achy necks.
My neck hurts and it makes me feel sick. It also gives me post-nasal drip. Achy necks make any movement hurt, including typing whingey blog posts. Even the slight "drip-drip" of post nasal drip hurts. Waaaaaah...

3. Profit

Things That Aren't Lame-o:

1. Too much of bad things.
You start to see hilarity in everything when things ain't all sunshine and rainbows. Like Mark Twain says, "There's no humor in heaven." and like I say, "Bill Donovan has an itchy butt."

2. Nappin'.
There's nothing better in life than sweet mini-death in the middle of the day. Orgasm means little death in french. Coincidence? (ernt)

3. Profit

your mom is hot

Other remarkable accidents, incidents, hints, and allegations at this weekends festivities:

- Billy putting his hand in my t-shirt pocket and exclaiming how hard my nipples were.
- Billy telling the whole party about said nipples.
- Billy getting pwned by the Absinto and puking in the sink.
- Pete shooting the pukey sink with a hose, then proclaiming it clean because "Bill only had chicken tonight."
- Angels in the architecture spinning in infinity. (bone digger bone digger)
- Yours truly almost breaking my neck during window re-entry from the roof.

Its funny how when you're very drunk how one seems to tackle problems with great aggression but in a very short sighted manner. A normal person would realize that the window is small, so I need to enter it somewhat awkwardly and carefully to make sure I land feet first. When I was on the roof, however, things worked differently. It was raining and I was getting wet. The window was there... brightly lit and wide open. My embattled mind knew that something must be done in order to remove my body from the wet outside into the warmth and light of the kitchen. I made a snap decision that the chances for my re-entry were improved if I straightened my self out horizontally, like an elven arrow. Would there be anyone in the way if I launched back in? How would I land safely inside? This is not a part of the drunk thought process. I simply wanted to be inside, and I was going to make that happen as soon as possible. "Besides," I told myself, "If I make this everyone inside will know what a bad ass I am." With that I launched into the light.....

...I think Pete and Sera were there to catch me or else I'd be in the hospital with a fractured skull.

Saturday night is all right for a blog

Here are some of the things I liked about the party on Saturday:

1. Pete saying "Boner Jaaaams '03" at a rate of almost 1 per minute.
2. Pete climbing out onto the roof in the rain and peeing off the side.
3. Pete telling people his life story on the front porch starting with "FIRST I PEED ON THE DOCTOR, THATS WHY THEY NAMED ME PETER!"
4. When Laura was laughing too much, Pete moved to shush her by putting one hand on top of her head and another underneath her jaw and squeezing them together, so as to force her mouth closed.
5. Pete prank called himself and left a voicemail of him screaming "BONER JAMS! '03!"
6. Pete stole Joe Moore's hat.

(to be continued)

Sunday, April 15, 2007


What the fuck, come on guys I need to get my laugh on. Start posting again! If the rapid fire blogging doesn't start back up again soon, then we will be doomed to a failed attempt at a blog. So lets get this pumping again before this shit gets blinked out of memory faster then a one hit wonder.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bored on campus

The First step in making my dream a reality

So here it is, I have finally made a base model for the shirt design i eventually plan to make a reality. I would love some critiques I am still unsure about certain parts. I like the font on the back it's called terminal and it looks like something from the game, I suppose the front could be cleaned up some, and yet it looks kinda cool. The Colors: maybe you like them, maybe you don't let me know!! WOOOOO, I love it!

data head

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

sweet jumpin' jesus

dead sexy

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


"Peace? There can be no peace..."

World Peace starts at 'dome.

ewww that's kinda gross... you know because he's drinking piss and everything

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Notice how the Microsoft Paint pictures retain their vibrant, delicious color quality. Microsoft Paint > Photoshop

Vote Greg For Dino-Prez

Bill Donovan seems to think that Dinosaurs and the healthy transmission of information thereof are unimportant in today's Thunderdome. Bill Donovan wants to keep information about Dinosaurs from the public. Why? He's trying to hide something...On Thunderdome election day, Vote Greg for President of Dinosaur Education.

Pete McGrath vs. The Industrialization and Urbanization of the Pacific Northwest in the Context of Oregon's Recent Liberalization of UGB Constraints

Here are some things I do not like:

1. Bob Dylan (wampa wampa wooo....Beedenyooooo!)
2. Dylan Thomas (so gloomy)
3. Sour Cream and Dill Potato Chips (total horseshit)
4. Matt Dillon (looks like an ape, you me and dupree sucked)
5. The town of Dillon, South Carolina (fuck the south)

Here are some things I like:

1. Chef Paul Dillon (Let's Cook!)
2. Patriots Running Back Corey Dillon (the 'Dillonator')
3. The town of Dillon, Colorado (before the goddamned yuppies took over)
4. Dillon State Park, Ohio (July 11-15 Boat Races!)
5. A dill pickle (really brings the sandwich together)

Mahatma Gandhi was once asked what he thought about western civilization. His response was:

"I think it would be a good idea."

Gandhi was a total dickhead. I bet he's never even been in a Hollister, lol. That store is sick. Way sicker than Abercrombe... I heard that in order to work there, you have to look down on black people. LOL! I also heard that if you buy a polo shirt from them, they'll automatically throw in the 8-year-old Cambodian boy who made it, free of charge! That's so chill, brahh.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Self Portait

Burt Reynolds. 'Nuff said. Or Buff said.

Van Heusen Wrinkle Free Stain Shield

This is your doctor. I have your pregnancy report here and guess what: you got knocked up. You should probably get out of news. This is Dr. Chim. Dr. Chim Richalds. I'm a professional doctor. You saw me. You don't remember. We - you should move. you should get out the business.

Good Steamy Fun

The picture lost some of it's quality for no reason(i.e. discoloration of the poopy grammar), but you get the point. This a corollary to my earlier comment under Claytron5000 pic labeled vulgarity.


I have just one thing to say


just playing out the string at this point

Eagle Twenty! Fox One!

Eagle One! Fox Two!

Eagle One! Fox Three!

Champagne of Beers for the King of Kings

Anonymous Man: "Hey Bridget, what's up."
Bridget: "Oh you know, just basking in the golden light of His Svestly Radiance, Pete McGrath."
Anonymous Man: "Yeah, do you see how his feathered locks glimmer in the twilight? And how his cheeks glow faintly of fireflies and nuclear fusion? Kind of reminds me of the dawn of man. Like, the way, when he puts on that crappy sweatshirt, he's trans--"
Bridget: "Transformed! Yeah--I know what you mean. Nice bone structure, dude. High five!"
Anonymous Man: "We've been waiting for you. Go ahead, Pete, have a Miller High Life. It's the Champagne of Beers."

one more thing (unrelated to dino porn)

beware of downloading any nbc shows - they've got people checking bit torrent somehow. jimbo claytron was recently busted by nbc for downloading the office. just a heads up.

1st Ever Thunderdome Caption/Coloring Contest!

similar to aforementioned contest, but now include your very own caption!

p.s. t-rex translates to "thunder lizard" so kudos to bubby for an appropriate choice of "fresh meat"

Monday, April 9, 2007

Champs here


Have you ever wanted to feel like an idiot?

Attempt reading a book for ages "7+" in a different'll kick your ass, guaranteed. This book's doing it for me:

The Island of Fear..............

1st Ever Thunderblog Coloring Contest!

Ok kids! Click on the image to see the full sized picture. Try and keep it in the lines (unlike after when Daddy's had a few too many colorful drinks with little umbrellas in them and decieds to drive home). Remember - new ideas by scientists, who happen to be anti-Jesus, propose that these ficticious creatures may have had brightly colored skin which they used to attract mates (also like Daddy)! Have fun! Winner will be drawn by the end of the week and gets a free Cone-Head Sunday, courtesy of your own wallet! Print them out and give them to us and we'll put them up at thr Dome!


This is the Gorgoloth. He's like a level ten; great attack but poor HP. One time I was fighting a dungeon master and by accident I summoned a Gorgoloth instead of Ballllz. I was so trashed...

I use him when I'm trying to catch gods of war, like Bill Donovan. Keep yanking that pulley, Bill. Yank away.

A dilemma

I really want to do the zombie walk this weekend, but I am hesitant. Here are the pros and cons:

It could be a lot of fun, if enough people show up. Doug has been really pumped about it for a while. You get to walk around TCNJ as a zombie. That would be cool. It may also piss off TCNJ cops, which is also cool.

Chances are high that a large percentage of participants will be overzealous dorks and losers. Doug has had to chastise them more than once on the facebook group already that "No, you can't be a Zombie Hunter, this is not Live Action Roleplaying" and "No, we will not have signs that say TCNJ is so awesome, not even the undead can resist coming here!" Perhaps most troubling, Randy will be there, and will probably be a smug asshole. Also, people who like Randy and are like Randy will be there.

Keep in mind, Randy plays TCNJ Manhunt, which is in my view the single most despicable group of human beings on campus. You're over 20 years old you pathetic fucking losers, grow up and stop playing TAG. When your grandpa was 20, he was banging your grandma and then landing on Iwo Jima to kill the Japanese with his bare hands. Similarly, you jerk off to Japanimation with your bare hands before you go play children's games in the woods with fat chicks. Cowabunga, dude!

Wait, what was I talking about again?

New Serve

returned volley

Not sure what I'm going for here

Forbidden a baseball game...

Pimp Claton's ride

tryin' hard to look like pete mcgrath

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
why don't you go where fashion rests,
Puttin' on the svest.

Don't need no money to make a contribution

On another note

Joe's cats decided "Hey won't it be cool if we poop all over Bubby's bed while he's away?"

And you know what cats? It wasn't funny. What's funny is how within the week you're going find yourselves in a little basket in front of Tan May.

awwwww yeah boi!

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World's Best Boss


I am back from the Land of the Golden Sun, California. It was awesome. New Jersey is cold. That would be all.

Except that I feel I need to tell you about a little lady I met on the trip. My sister and I were at a bus stop in downtown LA, after our little public transportation fiasco through Compton, casually reading the times posted on the little blue and white and black lamppost-secured board. She showed up, muttering some gibberish that I thought to be Spanish, though later confirmed not to be said language.
At first, I didn't even realize she was talking, let alone to us. Habba sez kumar dupar labor mon del mar or some variation thereof, over and over ad infinium. It was really annoying. Finally I realized she was trying to communicate with us as though we were some alien creatures on her home turf come to fuck with her cubs. Then she said, as if in answer to our stupefied expressions, "I don't speak English. Just want you all to be praying. The Rapture is coming."
It was really hard not to laugh in her face as I quickly went back to the bus schedule. She didn't take the hint that we really couldn't give a shit; if the Rapture really was coming, whatever man, cool. She kept up her nonsensical chanting.
"Hey," I said, "what about this ad over here?" I pointed at the billboard on the side of the bus terminal, an advertisement for Hillary Swank's new flop The Reaping, complete with the tag line "What hath God wrought?"
She seemed dumbfounded as she quickly read the line, obviously comprehending the meaning. Then she said, in English as clear and perfect as if she had gone to school to learn to speak it at some weekender class in the Learning Annex, "Oh dear Lord. Soon the government will fix this. He is coming, make sure you are ready for when He does. Pray every day, especially at the bus stop. The government will fix this."
The she walked out of my life forever. I hope she's ready for the Rapture. I was sure it was coming sometime between then and when our bus finally showd up. Now it's four days later and I'm starting to think she was just full of shit.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


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fotochop tennis baby!

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Well I was pretty excited to wake up and discover the easter bunny had left me a bad ass shirt with hieroglyphics on it. So I put it on and thought to myself man I wish the easter bunny was still here, and bamm the next thing I knew he was here. Then I thought somehow this isn't enough and poof another bunny appeared. Nope it wasn't the easter bunny but in fact his brother Derryl. Anyways, Happy Easter all!


Saturday, April 7, 2007

bring on the ninja/zombie apocalypse!

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Worried about Ninja Attacks?

Support the Thunderblog Ninja Defense Force!

obama ur mama

If you love America, you'll vote RobotNixon in '08

Friday, April 6, 2007


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