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All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat.

All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat.All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat.All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat.All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat.

All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat. All obey the Hypno-Cat.

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Joe requested this be posted:

josehunder (5:33:33 PM): are you still in ITS?
BillyD717 (5:33:40 PM): maybe
josehunder(5:33:48 PM): is sera still there?
BillyD717(5:33:51 PM): maybe
josehunder(5:34:24 PM): question 3: could you tell her I made her some tortellini
josehunder(5:34:34 PM): question 4: how are you bill?
BillyD717(5:34:43 PM): answer3: maybe
BillyD717(5:35:08 PM): answer 4: maybe
BillyD717(5:35:23 PM): maybe says ok, thanks
josehunder(5:35:30 PM): question 5: why are we here?
BillyD717(5:35:59 PM): to get laid?
josehunder(5:36:11 PM): no thats "how did we get here"
BillyD717(5:36:48 PM): maybe
josehunder(5:36:53 PM): gaybe
BillyD717(5:37:07 PM): bzzzzzzz
josehunder(5:37:23 PM): question 6: I had a multivitamin this morning
BillyD717(5:37:32 PM): that is a statement
josehunder(5:37:41 PM): question 7: is this a statement?
josehunder(5:37:59 PM): statement 1: do you like pokeman?
BillyD717(5:38:02 PM): answer8: refer to answer 6
BillyD717(5:38:23 PM): answer 1: refer to answer 6
josehunder(5:39:33 PM): question 8: if you got into a fight with some bees would you win keep in mind the bees have laser guided missiles
BillyD717(5:39:41 PM): answer1: cont. I don't know what a pokeman is but if it's 1/2 the coolness of a pokemon i may like it
BillyD717(5:40:21 PM): question 9: how big are the missile, bee sized?
josehunder(5:40:30 PM): yes
josehunder(5:40:43 PM): keep in mind bees also have the power of flight
josehunder(5:40:51 PM): you are ground based
josehunder(5:40:55 PM): and naked too
BillyD717(5:41:09 PM): exclamation 1: NAKED!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Treatise on the Colloquial Nomenclature of North American Urban Centers

I was navigating the vastness of the Wikipedian hinterland today, I discovered an interesting phenomenon concerning urban nomenclature. It seems that the actual importance of any given American city is inversely proportionate to the quantity and pretentiousness of the nicknames it gives itself. Let me explain:

Common nicknames for Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love, Philly, The Cradle of Liberty, The Place That Loves You Back, The Quaker City, Illadelph, The Birthplace of America, The Cradle of the Nation

Common nicknames for Boston: The Hub of the Universe, The Cradle of Liberty, City on the Hill, Athens of America

Common nicknames for New York City: The Big Apple, Gotham

Common nicknames for Washington, DC: The District, DC

Everyone with some knowledge of American geopolitics knows that Boston and Philadelphia are, for all intents and purposes, utterly irrelevant. I'm fairly confident that the world would get alone just fine if a seeing-eye Tsunami wiped them away like a garden hose pointed at a shit-stain on a locker room floor. These cities are aware of this, and they have endowed themselves with numerous pompous nicknames to maintain some semblance of civic pride. Boston is an especially interesting example here; the stench of douche that constantly envelops the city is already apparent in "The Hub of the Universe" and "Athens of America".

To Bostonians I ask... Which fucking universe are you the 'Hub' of? It certainly isn't the one the rest of us occupy. Also is "Athens of America" meant suggest that Boston is the center of American child molestation? Probably.

Both cities also claim to be "The Cradle of Liberty." Philly actually has some credibility here, what with both Continental Congrii and a little placemat I like to call the Constitution having been written there. Boston is "the Cradle of Liberty" because... well... they were the ones drunk enough to actually start shooting redcoats in '75 when everyone else was relaxing, sippin on juice boxes or some shit.

In essence, the colonial family alcoholic, Boston, got itself all liquored up one night and started a bar brawl that lead to the foundation of modern world democracy.

But I digress...

New York and Washington are well aware of the fact that they are, in fact, places that people care about. Washington's two are just derivations of its name, which is cool, DC is a business-oriented town. New York has only a few nicknames, and they're all badass. No one actually knows the origin of "the Big Apple", and it doesn't make any fucking sense, but its as much a part of the city as the pee smell and the Statue of Liberty.

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Do you like:

a. pokeman?
b. a lot?
c. yes?


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hey! do this!

hey my sister entered a contest for small apartment layouts.. and her apartment was selected to be in the finals where people can vote whether they like it or not. so do her a favor and vote, if she wins she gets 2500 bucks at some furniture place.


you have to sign up to vote... no big thang

This goes out to BillyD

kitten bungholes

As a youth I used to hold the weed up
old heads said I thought more like a soldier than a leader
in order to succeed I had to slow my speed up
didn't listen to stuff took another puff of the chieva
-Sean C. Carter

The world is a large and complex place, filled with douchebags and frat boys of all colors, creeds, and socio-economic stations.

Socio-economic is one of those buzzwords that history majors use to cover up for the fact that they can't read, write, or do anything other than regurgitate 5 pages of utter bullshit once a week.

Here are some other space-filling lame-o words that form part of a history major's suck-fu:

1. identities
2. dichotomy
3. engendered
4. deconstructing
5. imafuckingidiot
6. synergize

The problem with being a history major is that nearly all of the assignments are designed to be so devoid of imagination or creativity that they all come across as gray lumps of uninteresting shit.

Par Example:

You know how when you leave one of those free local newspapers in the driveway for a few weeks, and it stats to literally dissolve into the pavement? That drooping pile of soggy mush, as nature starts to reclaim its constituent parts, is comparable to the average quality of writing in the TCNJ History Department. History majors can write the most bland and lifeless jumble of nothing and still get an A because he/she met all the requirements in the prompt.

I love history, I hate being a history major. Most professors and students in the history department can eat a bowl of dicks.

this movie defines every thought i have ever had... and is the number one reason to go to oregon... fuck go anywhere. just go for yourself and no one else, where coffee isn't needed to get your ass up at 6am every fucking day to go to a job that you hate, that pays for all the stupid crap that fills your house that is too big, and the suv in your driveway that sucks 75 dollars worth of gas a week. don't fall in that trap friends live your life.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Thoughts for next week

Here is what I would like to do next week becuase I have the entire thing off:

- Hang out
- Drink
- Kill some ass
- Go ice skating
- Go to the beach
- Hang out
- Do my project
- Do your mom
- Do your sister
- Do your mom again
- Drink
- Play croquet