Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't Stop Believing


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Please Enjoy

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Response to the Monument Post

I was wondering what the general opinion is on the monuments in Washington.

I feel that we have elevated our founding fathers to the positions of gods. By doing this, we have forgotten the single aspect which makes them truly remarkable - they were men, just like you and I.

Our country was founded by a bunch of smugglers who did not want to pay taxes, rich white guys who felt they did not have to pay England back for a war they started. These are the people that so many revere and worship as the absolute be-all-end-all of what it means to call yourself an American. And yes, I whole-heartedly agree: to be an American is to say that you will do things your own way, to try new avenues of commerce or governing; in essence, to rebel against what we see as "rules not fit to live under."

But by elevating our forefathers to holy status, we lose sight of their humanity. These were not divinely inspired heroes (on the contrary, the founding father felt that we were created by God, but that after he made us he really didn't give a shit). In their present infallibility, they have lost the ability to be touched, to be understood; we cannot connect to them.

Perhaps this is the plan - separate the rebels, make them untouchable, and you cannot rebel yourself. If the average person cannot draw parallels to George Washington, then the average person cannot become George Washington. And all is right with the world.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

on memorials

Dave and Emily's recent facebook album got me thinking about all the big white monuments in DC.

I will now rank them by how cool they are, starting from the coolest to crappiest.

1. Lincoln Memorial


This is easily the best monument in DC or anywhere else in the universe. It is a big room with tired old Abe in the middle and his two best speeches on either side. His eyes are disengaged and staring out into space. There are no statistics, no battle scenes, no bullshit. Just a lonely man in a chair and a few lonely paragraphs at the end of an empty hallway. Simple and powerful.

2. Jefferson Memorial


It has the simple Lincoln style presentation, but its a little fancier. This matches Jefferson himself, who was more of a late renaissance aristocrat as opposed to Lincoln the country lawyer. The monument is verbose and European-ish , which serves TJ well. It is the most visually appealing monument from far away. (mad cherry trees 'n shit)

3. Vietnam memorial

Momentos add to authenticity bonus.

The wall isn't especially remarkable, but it works really well. The viewer looks at all the names piled row after row after row with homemade decorations and you can't help but think: "Jesus, this war sucked!" Which it did.

4. Washington Monument

Kinda cool I guess.

This is a cool monument, but it has practically nothing to do with Washington himself. It was built in the 1880s when the USA was first trying to show off to the rest of the world. A giant obelisk (trendy for 1800s) with an aluminum top (super expensive at the time) was how they chose to do it. It could be renamed the Franklin Pierce Monument or the Go America SkyDick and you wouldn't have to change a thing.

5. WWII memorial


At first I liked this new one, but now I'm thinking it might be a huge mistake. Its the anti-Lincoln memorial, there is so much shit going on that means practically nothing. Its overly literal, and it also has ridiculous battle scene engravings all over. Whoever designed this watched Saving Private Ryan too many times and thought that WWII was this great time where everyone got to kill themselves a Kraut and steal Hitler's silverware. It sports giant metal eagles and fountains that are eerily Nazi-ish. The reasons for the war were good, but all wars suck. Don't glorify the war.

Also, why is it divided up into states? The US government was pretty well federalized by the time of WWII.

6. Korean War Memorial

Look at how big his fucking hand is. Does he really need a radio?

Ghost men in raincoats, surrounded by statistics. Its almost as if the designers thought: "No one knows anything about the Korean War so we'll try to give em a quick lesson as they walk around this here triangle." I've heard that the ghost soldiers are really cool from a distance in the fog. Up close the viewer can see the thin concrete slabs the soldiers stand on and they just look like oversize toys. Lame-o.

7. FDR Memorial

Am I in fucking SeaWorld?

Truly awful. Its a big gay fun house maze that you walk into in 1933 and walk out of in 1945. Its nothing but a quick recap of his presidency with some waterfalls. Stupid.

I like Coldplay, their first two albums are really good.... Their new album, however, sucks about 1,000 dicks.

EDIT- I do like the first song

I'm Famous

I'm in school, grading final exams. The sophomores had to write an essay convincing a panel to donate money to Mark Twain's House Museum, which is actually running out of money. The panel, The International Team of Lending Extreme billS (TITLES), could be made up of any author, character, or film personality of their choosing. One young lady wrote the following in her essay:

"There are rumors floating around that John Russoniello is also on the TITLES board. If that is true I know we'll have support. Russoniello is an avid Mark Twain fan. If he knew the Mark Twain House was in danger of closing he would do anything in his power to help keep it open. Russoniello is an open-minded individual who cares about people's feeling. He appreciates the outdoors. In his earlier works, 'Ninja English Teacher,' for example he has to fight his way through the wilderness just like Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn."

She got an A.

Also, the new Coldplay album is the tits.

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When I first saw that photograph, I thought it was of my neighbor Casey, younger and more messed up.

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Will.I.Am. Donovan


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A wild Billglet Appeared!

Greg used Beer! It has no Effect! Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!Greg used Beer! It has no Effect!

Wild Billglett fainted.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Top Ten Gayest Cars, 1st Quarter 2008

Are you gay AND shopping for a new car? Then gaywheels.com is the place for you! Check out the top 10 most researched cars on the site. Volkswagen takes three of the top ten spots, including number one and two. Theres no place for anal like the back of a Volkswagen. The Mazda Miata, a gay man mainstay, clocks in at number four. Taking the number ten spot is none other than...

the Mazda 3! Man, thats gay!


We know not from whence they come...

but rest assured, they are coming


Sunday, June 8, 2008


Every Saturday I have class from 9-4. I drive 1 hour each way to reach this class. Rather than pay attention, I draw pictures and write haikus. Here are my favorites:

a bit of blue tape,
in the corner of the room
rounding out the edge

clock drips along as
the mouth of a college girl
regurgitates shit

esther lee is the
korean girl next to me;
she pays attention

russoniello game,
out in force at Mad Hatter.
Redheads want the sex?

down syndrome baby,
sitting one chromosome short.
Mama gon' kill you

cats poop in boxes
englishmen hunt for foxes
black dudes shoot glockses

James Ryan Durkin
Graduated in this chair;
his mother was proud

Professor Kealy,
I know you don't care either.
Plus you're kind of cute

Friday, June 6, 2008

NFB -Epsisode 1

I have a new favorite band, they are called Tally Hall. You may have heard of them.

let it be known

that Pete McGrath is nothing but love

Thursday, June 5, 2008

let it be known...!

... i did not make the creepy blog about me, john did.

In the not too distant future...

read from top to bottom





Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bill's new life

Bill recently had a party up in the wilds of North Jersey, his new home. He sent me a pic.

Song of the Summer



holy crap!

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Hey Pete

Pigstank thinks you should chill the fuck out.



Bela Fleck! B-day: JULY 10th, 2008
This man is 50. 50 and still rocking.

ego maniac


oh and this is a classic!


not cool..

At least invite Liam to the blog so he can defend himself before you make hypocritical comments about him.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Transformation

Liam: Hey everyone! My name is Liam. I'm a good guy, I like literature and a cold pint with my friends. I enjoy a round of friendly banter with my housemates, they sure are homosexuals! Oh wait a minute, someone is at the door...


(Door flies open.)

Liam: oh shi-

Liam: Oh hey Arie, I was just polishing off another chapter of Good Expectations. Are you ready for a quiet night of snuggling and contemplative pillow talk?